Me & the city

Aah! Madrid! This great modern city in July is almost unbearable, the temperature is so high you’ll want to hide yourself under the bed and never go outside anymore till September. I’m joking of course. But I remember some nights from past years with 31ΒΊ at 1 am…I mean, that’s not fair, you know you won’t sleep at all, and no, the open window doesn’t help!

So this is my usual outfit…it’s like my uniform, and it’s my way to survive the month of July here. Shorts, tshirt, a very tiny purse and comfy sandals and sunglasses of course!

Let’s see if I can keep going and start a series about me and Madrid, through illustrations, collages, and pictures, mixing styles and colours…wouldn’t it be great?

Have an awesome hot wednesday!



  1. Oh Serena this is just fabulous. I love it. Yes please… would love to see more. I was flicking through your pinterest boards the other day and I noticed that you share my obsession with stripy tops!

  2. I am absolutely in love with this design! Especially the simplicity of the T-Shirt with its very straight lines. And that you didn’t use pencil at all – I am in awe πŸ˜‰
    Have a lovely day and hope to see more soon!
    Yours, Thea // sisterMAG

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