Photo – Patterns Combo #2

This picture was taken last year by my geeky bf in Ascoli Piceno, Italy, with a Canonet 28.  I really love it because it’s simple..and of course there is a vintage bicycle that just happened to be there, like that woman on the right dressed in black…I mean, this image was meant to be taken. There’s nothing else to say. The good part comes with the analog photography, where…you don’t really know for sure if the picture you just took is going to reflect that moment..but well, in this case it did.

This was one of our first experiment in the dark room, it was magical, to slowly watch how the thin line of the wheel came into life and appeared in to the paper. Since my bf wrote the info in his super secret blog, I happen to know the kind of film, developer and paper we used : TMAX 400 + D76, print on Ilford RC grade 3 matt.

I have to admit, this is the second watercolour pattern I made today, I didn’t like the other one (which is on the other side of the paper, btw!). I was inspired by a pair of pants I once saw on a girl, they were a skinny type, so I imagined myself, riding that bike on a black and white scenary, wearing skinny pants with these bright colours and geometrical shapes 🙂

I hope you’ll like the combination!



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