Me & the City – Going out on my bicycle

4 days ago I went to the Retiro park in Madrid, with my bicycle, which is exactly like this one you see above. Well, mine is blue, but I wanted to use some vibrant colours, so.. maybe, I exaggerated a bit. 🙂 It’s a folding bike and I try to use it a lot even if around Madrid it could be difficult with all the cars and buses, but I got used and found my way to move smoothly around the busy streets.

I made this cut out watercolour bicycle just before going to the park. I wanted to talk about it, but then I thought..why not take it around were I would actually go by bicycle?!

gif maker

Now, can you imagine a person taking pictures of a little paper bicycle in a park? It was hilarious. Even the police got curious of what I was doing, as I went behind the Crystal Palace Hall – an art exhibition center – to take some pictures of my little bicycle over the bricks of the wall (- see the picture below!)

Well, this was fun. In this case I used my bicycle to go to the park, but I love using it as a real means of transport around the city and I would like to use it more often even if  sometimes it’s difficult – well, the heat right now doesn’t help! 🙂

What do you think? Do you usually use a bike?



  1. Hi Serena. Just found your blog and was instantly attracted to this post. I love bicycles, especially taking photographs of bicycles. There’s something about them, just there on the side of the street, waiting for their owners to return. Each one is different with it’s own personality. Since moving to Germany (from Canada), my bike and the train have become my main methods of transportation. I don’t like cars that much, so no complaints here.

    Your images are vey sweet and your notebooks are really beautiful. Keep up the great work 🙂

    Thanks for the Twitter follow. Best!

  2. Lili's Brand

    Very beautiful Serena! It reminds me of how I’m always busy busy making things and ofcourse illustrating. It’fs funny because the picture with your Aquarel pallet felt so comforting because I recognize the atmosphere you’ve must been in at that moment… mmm! I’m also working with small pieces like you did with your bicycle! Love this one! Keep going!

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