My mother’s garden

I’m in Italy!!

Yes, I know, I already said that…I must be really happy to be here then;) I wanted to show you some pictures I took of my mother’s garden & balcony. Last year I stayed here for 5 months and I could help her with the plants and the garden and I really miss that, especially during the summer. There are also roses but as you know, they don’t bloom during this season so…no pics!

The garden goes around the house, which is an apartment. It’s located 500 m from the beach, or something like that. 4 years ago, palms started to grow spontaneously and that was a big surprise..well, of course my mother let them grow.

There is also a white bbq and of course, a brick oven, to cook pizzas. They’ve set up a new gazebo this year, the latest one was destroyed by the snow last winter! The problem of this garden?! Mosquitoes!!..lots of them. We’re near the sea and near a, the perfect condition for them to…flourish.

– I love this kind of grass!! it’s so…clean! –

I couldn’t take pictures of all the plants, but as you may have noticed, my mother loves succulents..there is a specific part of the garden where she put them together.

To me it’s a kind of decadent garden: the old white bench, the vases, the rust…does my mother do it on purpose? Does she have a plan for her plants?! We’ll never know! 😉

Have a great day!


Ps.: Next “plant-post” : Herbs on my mother’s balcony – from japanese basil to marjoram.


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