My mother’s balcony – Herbs

My mother uses a lot of herbs to cook her fantastic meals. Most of them are on her balcony, some of them in the garden. Here I made a little summary of the most commonly used.


Usually used on tomato sauces for pastas – it gives a rich and authentic taste to every basic “pasta al pomodoro”. Also it’s used with rosemary and sage to spice roasts.

Japanese basil

My mother uses this on fresh tomatos, with mozzarella to flavour the classic “caprese” dish.


This is a classic, it’s used on tomato sauces together with thyme and sage, to make pesto and on aubergines to make the famous Parmigiana dish.


The name of this herb it is also used to define something that is…everywhere! Why?! Because it is actually in many italian dishes:  to season artichokes and other vegetables or with lemon to flavour fish dishes.


Usually used for tomato sauces on pastas. It’s kind of the secret to make the sauce taste like..italian pasta.


Used everywhere, Rosemary makes is perfect for roasts…but sometimes also on tomato pasta sauces!


As my mother taught me, I usually use sage with butter to make a delicate sauce for spaghettis. You should try it!

Wild fennel + Wild mint

Usually used to flavour stuffed snails and roasts.

Hope you like them!



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