Thoughts on Business Cards

Business Cards by Serena Olivier

Business cards by Serena Olivieri

Business Cards by Serena Olivieri

business cards by Serena OlivieriBusiness Cards by Serena Olivieri

So, I needed some new business cards for myself. Honestly, I think I lost the others while I was moving from one apartment to the other…

I thought about putting on some of my watercolour illustrations, but in the end I chose to stay minimalist and played only with the colours and typos I liked, in fact, each card has a different combo of colours. I decided to use a smaller size this time, and not to put emails or twitter account, not the phone number. Daring, right? But I was thinking that the website is there anyway, with all the contacts (sometimes I think we’re over-connected already..). Well, it stays clean and looks like an ad, more than a business card. Well, this was my train of thoughts on this matter.

I hope you like it!

Size: 45 x 63 mm
Paper: 300 g/m2, Medium texture
Typography: Talldeco Normal + Thonburi Regular



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