Before / After Project: Director’s chair restoration

Beach Chair Watercolour

A year ago, while walking on the street, I entered into a beautiful patio: there was a magic shop selling among plants different  kinds of vintage furniture from all over the world. My heart stopped when I saw a beach/director chair, blue and white stripes, It reminded me of the pictures of Biarritz in the 20´ I took a pic with my phone, and later that night, in my house I made a watercolour of it. It is hanging right now on my wall.

Three days ago, walking in the streets of my neighborhood, I found a chair, a perfectly fine director chair (brand: Habitat) that probably nobody wanted because the fabric was broken. I couldn’t resist, so I took it home with me. I know, it sounds weird, but I do this with chairs!

Beach Chair Restoration

The day after I went shopping for striped fabric. I almost bought the white & green one…But then I decided to buy the blue and white fabric, which was in my mind from the beginning. The next day I studied the original  violet fabric stitchings and cut the respective pieces in the new striped  fabric.

Beach chair restoration
Beach chair restoration

The next day, with my brand new sewing machine, I sewed all the pieces.

And here it is!

Beach Vintage Chairbeachvintagechair-3beachvintagechair-4

Beach Vintage Chair

I’ve have to say, I’m more than happy to upcycle furniture nobody wants and in the same time, to make of it something that was like a dream for me.

What do you think? Do you like to upcycle?

Have a great day!




  1. Paula

    great project Serene!
    I LOVE upcycling and it is vital for our planet.
    I can’t understand how people just dispose everything often replacing it by worst quality items…

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