Malaysia: a nostalgic return to Asia

Malaysia Collage 2013

Well, I’ve been kind of out of business lately, right? (I realize by this that I’m the worst blogger!)

Back to the post, I wasn’t blogging or doing anything because…I was doing what I most love, I was traveling! This time around Malaysia. The reason why we chose Malaysia as a destination goes back a little. I didn’t write anything about my travels in this blog so, I will introduce my story a little. Three years ago, me and my boyfriend, we left our jobs and traveled around Asia for almost one year. Here’s a map of the trip.


View Full Size Travel Map at Travellerspoint

We flew from Madrid to Moscow and took the transiberian train till Irkutsk, in Siberia, then we traveled to Mongolia and China by bus and train then we went to South Korea and Japan by boat. After that, we came back to China and then on and on to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar and Thailand again. The only plane we took was for a return flight from Bangkok to Yangoon ( because it was impossible to get to Myanmar by land). We already had the tickets to go from Bangkok to Saigon, but we had to cancel our trip and get back to Spain because of a very sad family problem. So our trip tragically stopped there. We wanted to go to Malaysia after Vietnam, and well, after three years we finally managed to do that!

It was amazing and thrilling to find the same food we loved, the architecture, the people… Malaysia is advertised as “Truly Asia” and it is kind of true! Lot of chinese, indian, Malay and thai traditions mixing with each other in every way possible. It was a good return to Asia, a romantic one. After 3 days, it was as we never left our big trip.

The fellows travelers, the beach, the long journeys on local buses, the dust, the spices flavors, the incense smell, the temples, the kindness of people (most of them, at least), the book exchanges, the beers on a bamboo bench over a sunset, the palms, the heat, the mosquitos nets, the fear of local ice cubes, the monsoon, the coffee and sweetmilk mix, the sarongs, the sensation of peace, the sweet feeling of eternal loneliness in front of the mongolian meadows. These were the reasons why we came back to Asia. These are the reasons why WE LOVE ASIA… and why we have a big post-vacation blues right now!!

Well, shall we move on now?! 🙂

Have a great week all of you!




  1. gudyh

    I do understand! I love Asia too. Whenever I have more than 2 weeks, that’s my destination. There are so many other interesting places in the world but my heart belongs to this part of the world, I just can’t help it. I travelled to Malaysia 3 years ago, your pictures are bringing back sweet memories. And regarding the blues, take your time, it will go away. If not, plan your next trip:-) Btw, did you visit the Blue Mansion?

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