My first handmade apron

Handmade Apron Apron-4 photo(3) photo(4)

So, I’ve got a sewing machine and I cannot stop experimenting with textiles and colours right now!

This is a little project I started weeks ago, to make myself an apron. I used a very simple fabric and sewed the pieces with a yellow thread. Secret: I shamelessly copied the shape of the old one I have in my kitchen…you know, to have something to start with and also because..I had no idea how to do it! Then I went crazy thinking about the pattern I would put on it.

I would have liked some pastels colours but I didn’t have them so I started with this yellow simple pattern, like the one I used here.

I hope you like these experiments!

Have a great week!




  1. Bellllllloooooo!!!! ti sono cresciuti tantissimo i capelli!!! Come va da quelle parti? qui finalmente dopo un lungo inverno, e’ arrivata la primavera e ci possiamo godere un po’ i parchi! πŸ˜‰

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